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Life size creation of your

house or apartment plans

YOUR plans in true scale

Experience YOUR vision

What we do

Preview Walk Thru creates a full scale model of your house plans.  This enables you to “preview” your home before construction commences.

Problem solving before you build

Bed too small for the bedroom?  Car doesn’t fit in the garage? Most people cannot get a true perception of their room spaces from just the plans.  Even virtual reality does not give the true spacial awareness of your dream home.

Similarly, the cost to make alterations once construction has begun, can be very high, or not possible at all. Preview Walk Thru showcases your house plans in true scale before the costly process of building.

Walk Thru your dream home before the building process begins and make changes before it is too late. Book your Preview Walk Thru. EXPERIENCE YOUR VISION!


Our Warehouse

Our 2,500 Square Metre warehouse can showcase 5 single storey houses, simultaneously. Therefore, if your house is very large, or you have a sizeable commercial concept, we have the capacity for your project.


Preview Walk Thru Interiors can add model fixtures to your concept, kitchen benches, beds, even the toilet.

Make Changes

Spend some time in your house plans, change the wall positioning, or make sure you can see the TV from the kitchen bench!

New homes, commercial and renovation

Preview Walk Thru is also suitable for commercial customers and those who are planning a renovation.

New homes

Houses, Apartments, Duplexs, Townhouses, Flats and Units.


From shop fits, offices, schools, to major government and infrastructure projects, we can “preview” all of your commercial requirements. Enquire now!


New kitchen, bedroom or bathroom?  We can “preview” your extension or renovation.

Preview Packages

Preview Walk Thru Interiors provides a range of packages to suit all budgets and requirements. From the affordable Bronze package, to the Gold package that facilitates ultimate house plan experience. You choose the package that suits.

Preview Bronze

Walk thru your life size floor plan as a footprint. Featuring flat walls, footprint, benches, cabinets and includes toilets, beds and furniture.


Prices From :

Single Storey : $989*

Double Storey : $1,289**

Preview Silver

Feel your spaces using upright walls combined with footprint cabinets & benches. Features your electrical plan, window frames as well as toilets, beds, furniture and includes garage.

Prices From :

Single Storey : $2,889*

Double Storey : $3,789**

Preview Gold

The ultimate full scale experience!  Includes upright walls, upright benches and cabinets, windows.  Features your electrical plan, toilets, beds, furniture, fixtures and includes garage.

Prices From :

Single Storey : $3,789*

Double Storey : $4,789**

*  Single storey up to 38 Squares

** Double Storey up to 54 Squares

Pricing indicative of standard design house / apartment. Any plan with many curves or complex features will require separate quotation.

Our Meeting Facilities

Our designer meeting room, ensures you can conduct discussions in comfort and privacy.

Utilise the flat screen monitor for your plans and presentations.

Retreat to the meeting room to hold your post viewing deliberations.

Our polystyrene is recyclable

Preview Walk Thru Interiors reuses it’s polystyrene numerous times. After many uses, the redundant polystyrene is sent back to the supplier for recycling. We are conscious of the environment.


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Our location

Warehouse 2, 240 – 246
East Boundary Road

(03) 9570 5795

Monday – Friday:
10:00 am – 5:00pm

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